Monday, May 14, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Giant Scorpion - 77337

A third model that I had to quickly throw together for my 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game on Saturday night was this giant scorpion.  He had burrowed his way down into the cave system where my dungeon explorers were headed.  The giant beastie proved as much fun to paint as he was to battle with on the tabletop.  Going to have to get me another one of these in the future!

Here's where the bones model proves difficult - for $4 instead of $19 you save a nice chunk of money; but on a model like this, it's so difficult to position the bones legs.  You can attempt to use the hair dryer method or a pot of boiling water method - but the problem is... this model is too large and all the various legs too close together to adequately be able to position and then cool and get everything in just the right spot.  So I went with what I could and tried to build the base up to meet the legs in the best pose possible.

Painting instructions for Giant Scorpion...

Step 1: Undercoat model with Stynylrez green primer (this is awesome on bones)
Step 2: Use Ruddy Brown on the main body and the legs
Step 3: Use Rusty Red on body top, tail, and legs
Step 4: Use Brilliant Red as highlights on tail, legs, and claws
Step 5: Use Fireball Orange as highlights on tail, legs, and claws
Step 6: Use Golden Yellow as final highlight on tail, legs, and claws
Step 7: Use Solid Black on tail stinger
Step 8: Use Solid Blue as highlight on tail stinger
Step 9: Use Solid Black on base
Step 10: Drybrush Field Grey on base
Step 11: Add a drop of Solid White to Field Grey and drybrush final highlights on base

Kickstarter paint total: 98 + 1 Giant Scorpion = 99

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