Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Ral Partha's Brown Thief

This figure is an archived miniature from Ral Partha circa 1984. I don't know much more about it other than that.

I have had this model sitting around staring at me on the table for awhile.
Every time it just kept saying brown. When I had some extra brown left over from another model I just went to town. My goal was to create "color" using various shades of brown. I kept highlighting or darkening my main color accordingly. My attempt at this was purely academic and the light source was the torch instead of the typical overhead lighting. Therefore the model should give a feeling of the yellow/red torch casting it's glow across the model.

I tried something else too that didn't quite work. When finished, I used a yellow/orange wash on the brown highlights to try and create a glow from the torch affect. It seemed to only dull the highlights down and therefore didn't really work as desired although if you look closely at the highlights you should be able to see the yellow/orange tint. I just thought it would be more profound of an affect.

Finished in May 2002.

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