Friday, December 31, 1999

Games-Workshop's Brettonian Archers

These figures are the very first miniatures that I painted. I purchased the starter kit which came with several of the plastic Bretonnian archers. This is the "paint by numbers" approach. Completed in November of 1999.

Painting Instructions for Archers:

Step 1: Undercoat models with white primer
Step 2: Use Elf Flesh on face and hands
Step 3: Use Blood Red on coats
Step 4: Use Enchanted Blue on under-garments and arrow fletchings
Step 5: Use Bestial Brown on bow & arrows
Step 6: Use heavily watered down Bestial Brown on hands and face (including eyes and mouth)
Step 7: Use Chaos Black on shoes, belt, bag, buttons, and helmet
Step 8: Use Chainmail on helmet, and bits like arrows, end of belt, etc.
Step 9: Use drybrushed Chainmail on arrow fletchings
Step 10: Use Goblin Green on base
Step 11: Use watered down glue on base, then dip into fine ballast
Step 12: Use drybrushed Camo Green onto fine ballast

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