Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Human Thug - 23-017

Another ZN Games figure that I slapped together this past weekend. I have a handful of these (two more to go) - they're a bunch of fun as I use these as a "speed paint" session where I try to get them complete from start to finish within a couple of hours. That forces me to keep the paint scheme simple and helps me when I paint my other figs. Again, you'll see that all figures from the unearthed hyperborean age are two dimensional - they have a front and back but no real side pose to the figure.

Again, it would be much appreciated if anyone with information as to who sculpted this or any of the other ZN Games would ping me by leaving a message below or sending me an email to my gmail account of rickajr.

Sorry - no step by step painting instructions on this one - it was rather basic - Bronzed flesh to Elf Flesh on the skin with a wash in between. The leather armor was Scorched Brown through Bubonic Brown. All metal was a wet dry-brush of Boltgun Metal (wet dry-brush is where I thin down the metallic paint with water and then paint as normal with a dry-brush - it makes for a smoother paint technique). Hair was Scab Red to Blood Red. The base was standard drybrushing of codex grey, fortress grey, and skull white.