Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Games-Workshop's Blue Skink Musician

This figure is the musician for my blue skinks. The scan just does not do this one justice as the orange came out too dark. The drum strap was painted using a very fine point. Another note of interest is the shading of the skin on the drum to look like it has been well used. Completed in February of 2001.

Painting Instructions for Lizardmen Skink Musician:

Step 1: Undercoat models with white primer
Step 2: Use Lightning Blue on the skin - except bottom of head and belly
Step 3: Use Jade Green on the bottom of head and belly
Step 4: Use Bubonic Brown on the arrow pouch
Step 5: Use Snakebite Leather on the bag straps
Step 6: Use Chaos Black on eyeballs, and line in crease of the mouth
Step 7: Use Sunburst Yellow on upper eye
Step 8: Use Blood Red for loincloth
Step 9: Use Fiery Orange for the fin
Step 10: Use watered down Enchanted Blue on all areas of skin - let seep into creases
Step 11: Wash Snakebite Leather onto arrow pouch
Step 12: Use Blazing Orange in the creases of the fin
Step 13: Use watered down Scaly Green on chest
Step 14: Use watered down Red Gore on loin cloth and arrows
Step 15: Use Ice Blue as highlight on skin
Step 16: Drybrush Skull White on highlight creases
Step 17: Use Vomit Brown as highlight on arrow pouch
Step 18: Use Golden Yellow on raised areas of fin
Step 19: Use Vile Green as highlight on chest
Step 20: Use Blazing Orange as highlight on loin cloth - may want to go down to Fiery Orange as well
Step 21: Drybrush Bubonic Brown on bag straps
Step 22: Use Bleached Bone on claws
Step 23: Use watered down Flesh Wash on claws
Step 24: Use Burnished Gold on rings
Step 25: Use the Fiery Orange and Lightning Blue pattern on the drum strap
Step 26: Use Bleached Bone on drum up to Snakebite Leather in the middle
Step 27: Use Goblin Green on base
Step 28: Use watered down glue on base, then dip into fine ballast
Step 29: Use drybrushed Camo Green onto fine ballast

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