Saturday, February 08, 2014

Reaper Miniature's Zombies - 77014

I painted these two zombies from the Kickstarter while watching the second Resident Evil movie (Apocalypse) on Netflix - again, Resident Evil provides the perfect movie for this painting session!

Again, the value of the Bones figures is pretty awesome - $4.49 for a pack of three bones (the Kickstarter only came with two).  The metal figure is in their Warlord line as 14410 and will set you back $4.99 a piece.

I painted these two a bit different than the other set of zombies from the Kickstarter - I started these with a base of Bestial Brown.  I wasn't really happy with the result as it was too brown and I ended up giving the models a wash of Desert Yellow to add some color and that worked out rather well.

Painting instructions for Zombies:

Step 01: Undercoat model with black paint (not primer - it will eat into the plastic and cause tackiness)
Step 02: Paint all flesh with Bestial Brown
Step 03: Drybrush all flesh with Rotting Flesh
Step 04: Drybrush highlights on flesh with Pallid Flesh
Step 05: Wash all flesh with Desert Yellow
Step 06: Use Scorched Brown as basecoat on tattered pants
Step 07: Use Snakebite Leather on tattered pants
Step 08: Use Bubonic Brown as highlights on tattered pants
Step 09: Use Scorched Brown as basecoat on hair
Step 10: Drybrush highlights on hair with Bestial Brown
Step 11: Drybrush Codex Grey on base
Step 12: Drybrush Fortress Grey on base
Step 13: Drybrush Skull White on base

Kickstarter paint total: 47 + 2 Zombies = 49

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