Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reaper's Skeletal Spearmen - 77001

Nothing overly exciting about these skeletons other than they're officially numbered as the first of the Reaper Bones miniature line (fitting - skeletons - bones) at 77001.  They're also the first miniatures I've painted from the Kickstarter - so two down and hundreds more to go!  The Kickstarter included two while a package of 77001 will include three.  I didn't invest a lot of time on these - quick sets of drybrushes, a wash, and set into one inch bases from Fortress Figures.

Again, I can't say enough about the value of these new Bones - a three pack will cost the gamer $4.99 - whereas the pre-painted Legendary Encounters will go for $8.49 - and if you want them in the Legends metal line it will set you back $10.35.

Being a bit critical here - the long shafts of the spear on these Bones lines just won't get and stay straight.  Even after using the boil and ice method I still can't get the spears to be the way I want them - which is quite possible with metal.  However, these guys are going to be cannon fodder to all but the lowliest first level adventurers - they're designed to be placed on the mat and swept off.

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