Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Altar of Evil - 77139

Those were the original pictures that I was going to show.  But then... I went to Reaper Miniature's website to view the model number and sculptor.  They have two very well painted versions - one using the concept of a red curtain between the pillars and the other using the concept of stained glass between the pillars.  Both very cool ideas!  I figured the red curtains would go extremely well with my idea of having a red cloth on the top of the table. So.....

There is my "new" altar of evil which I absolutely love the added color.  This is going to be extremely inspiring on our upcoming adventure.  Yes, we have an upcoming scenario with the cliche trope of a damsel in distress about to be sacrificed at the altar of evil - but hey, it's classic and it's going to be super awesome with this new piece of terrain.

I put the altar on a two-inch square base and then molded in the one-inch tile markers.  My evil wizard will be on one and I'll have the damsel on the sacrificial cloth as the heroic adventurers come in just in time to save the innocent.  Of course, they'll have battled some ghouls, ghasts, and various skeletal undead to get to the final battle.  It's going to be a great night of fun!

Beyond the crafting, the actual painting was simple.  Reaper's Field Grey is a grey with a touch of green mixed in and that was drybrushed on the altar - a final drybrush was made by adding some Solid White.  The tablecloth and curtains were Vallejo's Scarlett Red with some Bloody Red at the bottom for highlights.  The skulls were Vallejo's Bonewhite with a highlight of Skull White.  The base was a progressive drybrushing of Vallejo's Cold Grey, Stonewall Grey, and Skull White.

Kickstarter paint total: 101 + 1 Altar of Evil = 102

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