Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wizkids Owlbear - WZK73349

Another fantastic Wizkids mini in their Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line.  I happened to find this Owlbear in stock (which at this point is difficult) at my local gaming store this past week and had to paint this right away.  I just love the sculpts, love the price, love the pre-primered, and that they're directly licensed material straight off the pages of the Wizards D&D books.

Painting instructions for Owlbear (used my Vallejo Game Color)...

Step 1: Use Sombre Grey on the entire model
Step 2: Wash entire model with watered down Sepia Ink (about 50/50 ink to water)
Step 3: Drybrush model with Sombre Grey
Step 4: Drybrush model with Wolf Grey
Step 5: Drybrush model with Ghostly Grey
Step 6: Use Leather Brown on face
Step 7: Use Orange Fire on beak
Step 8: Use a mix of Orange Fire with a bit of Leather Brown as shadow on beak
Step 9: Highlight ring of feathers on face with Ghostly Grey
Step 10: Use Black on eyes, claws and base
Step 11: Use Ghostly Grey to draw a line in eyes
Step 12: Use Rotting Flesh to highlight claws
Step 13: Drybrush Cold Grey on base
Step 14: Drybrush Stonewall Grey on base

As noted in previous posts, Wizkids should publish sculptor.

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