Sunday, July 23, 2000

Games-Workshop's Hugo Le Petit

This figure is the standard bearer of my Bretonnian Archers. Who are we really kidding - it's lil' John! This was my first mini where I worked out how to shade and highlight skin and the wooden staff. Favorite part is the rabbit off the back - the detail is a little washed out in the scan but it looks great up close. Completed in July of 2000.

Painting Instructions for Hugo Le Petit:

Step 1: Undercoat models with white primer
Step 2: Use Bronzed Flesh on face and hands
Step 3: Use Snakebite Leather on staff and shoes
Step 4: Use Dark Angels Green on collar/hood and leggings
Step 5: Use Snot Green on coat
Step 6: Use Scorched Brown on belt and bag
Step 8: Use watered down Scorched Brown on shoes
Step 9: Use Bubonic Brown on bow & arrows
Step 10: Use drybrushed Bubonic Brown on shoes and staff
Step 11: Use watered down Snakebite Leather on the bow
Step 12: Use Bestial Brown on the bow straps and handle - highlight Scorched brown areas
Step 13: Use Bestial Brown on hair
Step 14: Use drybrushed Bubonic Brown on hair
Step 15: Use Snot Green to highlight collar/hood and leggings
Step 16: Use drybrushed Scorpion Green to highlight coat
Step 17: Use Burnished Gold on belt clip and tips of bow
Step 18: Use just a bit of Flesh Wash on the Burnished Gold
Step 19: Use Fortress Grey on the bunny - highlight with Skull White
Step 20: Use watered down Flesh Wash on hands and face (including eyes and mouth)
Step 21: Use Goblin Green on base
Step 22: Use watered down glue on base, then dip into fine ballast
Step 23: Use drybrushed Camo Green onto fine ballast

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