Sunday, June 10, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Chimera - 77257

This was a fun model to paint up and should prove to be a good wandering monster as the party makes their way through the Fields of the Dead just north of Baldur's Gate.  Hopefully I can burn them to a crisp, maul them with a paw, and gore them with a horn.

Painting instructions for Chimera...

Step 1: Undercoat model with Stynylrez green primer (this is awesome on bones)
Step 2: Use Maroon Red on dragon head, tail and wings
Step 3: Use Garnet Red on dragon head, tail and wings as first highlight
Step 4: Use Brilliant Red on dragon head, tail and wings as final highlight
Step 5: Use Griffon Tan on lion body
Step 6: Use Desert Tan as highlights on lion body
Step 7: Use Umber Brown on lion mane
Step 8: Use Ruddy Brown on lion mane
Step 9: Use Sunburn Flesh on lion mane
Step 10: Use Armor Grey on goat head
Step 11: Use Dirty Grey as highlights on goat head
Step 12: Use Maiden Flesh on goat nose
Step 13: Use Tusk Ivory on horns
Step 14: Use Maiden Flesh as highlights on horns
Step 15: Use Solid Block on lion nose and the base
Step 16: Use Armor Grey as highlight on lion nose
Step 17: Drybrush Concrete Grey on base
Step 18: Drybrush Arctic Grey on base as highlight
Step 19: Drybrush Solid White on base as final highlight

Kickstarter paint total: 108 + 1 Chimera = 109

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