Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Reaper's Male Human Warrior - 77008


Here's the traditional side views...


More Bones!  Gotta love them Bones by Reaper - this is my second test model (first was the ghost) with the new plastic Bones from Reaper.  Again, I placed him on a plastic base from Fortress Figures.  These figures look great - forget about the mold line - just go with it - paint 'em up and play with the 'em.  This is the second Bones figure I cranked out on the same day.  I named him Sir Jacks as a tribute to one of my favorite sculptors - Bobby Jackson and yes, this is one of his sculpts

I used Vallejo game color paints directly without a primer - unlike the Reaper paint (I only have one bottle of the Reaper paints - Clouded Sea - which I used on the ghost), any significant watering down of the paint caused it to run and not stick to the plastic.  However, I had heard when doing some research that using it full strength out of the bottle worked very well.  Indeed - ditto the same results - full strength without dilution (or very minor - just a wet brush - enough to make it flow) worked very well.  Again, I banged and bounced the mini around while and after painting with no ill effect to the paintjob - like the ghost, I did hit it up with a very light coat of dull coat just to take the shine off the surface.

Painting Instructions for Male Human Warrior:

Step 01: Use Chaos Black on all armored areas
Step 02: Use Regal Blue on robe
Step 03: Use Scab Red on shield face
Step 04: Use Scorched Brown on leather and back of shield
Step 05: Drybrush Boltgun Metal on all armored areas
Step 06: Drybrush Chainmail highlights on all armored areas
Step 07: Use Enchanted Blue as highlights on robe
Step 08: Use Lightning Blue as final highlights on robe
Step 09: Use Bestial Brown as highlights on leather
Step 10: Use Bubonic Brown as final highlights on leather
Step 11: Use Bubonic Brown as wooden planks on back of shield
Step 12: Use Bestial Brown to fill in wooden planks on back of shield
Step 13: Use Blood Red on top half of shield
Step 14: Use Space Wolves Gray on shield/shirt pattern
Step 15: Use Skull White as highlights for shield/shirt pattern
Step 16: Use Dwarf Bronze on sword handle
Step 17: Drybrush Codex Grey on base
Step 18: Drybrush Fortress Grey on base
Step 19: Drybrush final highlight Skull White on base


Peter D said...

Looks really good!

By the way I appreciate the detail you give about paints and painting order. It's really helpful.

Joy Schoenberger said...

Yup, looks great! Thanks for sharing your Bones review, too. Are you going to stop by the NCMSS show again this weekend? If you do, would you mind bringing your Bones along, so we can check them out?

I'm glad to see you posting again after a long hiatus! Welcome back!