Saturday, September 29, 2018

WizKids Xorn - WZK73350

I just can't say enough good things about the WizKids line of new plastic miniatures.  They're packaged with a double plastic shell that keeps the figure safe during distribution, they're molded in a harder plastic that retains metal like qualities, and they come pre-primed with Vallejo primer.  All that for $5 retail for two medium creatures and you can typically get them at a slight discount (Miniature Market typically has a 10% discount and sells them for $4.49).  This is from their Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line -

Painting instructions for Xorn (used my Vallejo Game Color)...

Step 1: Use Charred Brown on dirt/rocks base
Step 2: Use 50/50 mix of Charred Brown and Beasty Brown on dirt/rocks base
Step 3: Use Beasty Brown as highlight on dirt/rocks base
Step 4: Use Gory Red on body
Step 5: Use Squid Pink on mouth
Step 6: Use Ghost Grey on teeth
Step 7: Use Black on claws
Step 8: Use watered down Bloody Red as a wash on mouth
Step 9: Use Bloody Red to highlight the individual bumps on body
Step 10: Use Midnight Blue as highlights on claws
Step 11: Use Dead White as highlight on teeth
Step 12: Use Moon Yellow on eyes
Step 13: Use 50/50 mix of Dead White and Moon Yellow to highlight top of eyes
Step 14: Use Black to draw "eyeball" line on eyes

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