Saturday, September 16, 2006

Heartbreaker's Natural Selection...

A long time ago a small company called Wizards of the Coast made a card game called Magic The Gathering. In 1994 they worked with Heartbreaker Hobbies to cast miniatures of their Deckmaster cards. I picked up a couple of these old miniatures a long time ago (about four years ago) in the discount bin. I then bought the card off of e-bay and copied the original Mark Poole picture onto the miniature. I've been working on/off this miniature for years - I kept tweaking with the highlighting and as of this weekend I'm declaring it finally finished!

Painting Instructions for Natural Selection (works better in a few hours instead of a few years):
Step 01: Undercoat models with white primer
Step 02: Use Chaos Black on base, staff, skirt, and feathered head
Step 03: Use Blazing Orange on beak
Step 04: Use Blood Red on fur
Step 05: Use Chaos Black on stripes and nails
Step 06: Use Scab Red on ball in hand
Step 07: Use Blazing Orange on fur
Step 08: Use mix of Blazing Orange and Fiery Orange on fur
Step 09: Use Fiery Orange on fur for highlight
Step 10: Use mix of Fiery Orange and Skull White on fur for further highlights
Step 11: Use Golden Yellow - add to mix and perform final highlights - repeat 10 and 11 as needed
Step 12: Use Skull White as chest highlights blending into Fiery Orange
Step 13: Use Scorched Brown on bird feathers and staff
Step 14: Wet drybrush Snakebit Leather onto feathers
Step 15: Mix a bit of Fiery Orange, Skull White, and Snakebite Leather for drybrush highlights on feathers
Step 16: Use Bestial Brown on ridges of staff
Step 17: Use Snakebite Leather on ridges of staff
Step 18: Use Vomit Brown as final highlight on ridges of staff
Step 19: Use Chestnut Ink mixed with 60% water and wash staff
Step 20: Use mix of Chaos Black and Fortress Grey to highlight skirt
Step 21: Use Fortress Grey as final highlight on skirt
Step 22: Use Blood Red as highlight on ball in hand
Step 23: Use Blazing Orange to run a highlight stripe on ball in hand
Step 24: Use Skull White to place dot on top highlight of ball in hand