Miniature Painting Tutorials

I wanted a place to park various miniature painting tutorials on the web that I've come across for my own reference - hopefully method of organization will help out everyone!

Paint Like a Pro by Mike McVey
Mike is one of the miniature artists that moved the industry from here to there. Originally part of the Games Workshop 'Eavy Metal team, he moved over to Wizards to take on miniatures for the 3.0 edition of the game, then the Chainmail miniatures game, and eventually was the lead on the pre-painted plastics we all love to hate. Now Mike (along with his wife) has his own miniature design and painting company called Studio McVey.

The Paint Like a Pro was an 8 part series posted online in 2001 at the Wizards website. It's a great series of articles going through the basics with some intro to the advanced techniques. Hopefully Wizards will keep these pages up...

Part 1 - Getting Started - talks about paints and brushes
Part 2 - Be Prepared - talks about cleaning, assembling, pinning, filling, basing, and priming
Part 3 - Applying the Paint - talks about using reference material and the very basics of painting
Part 4 - Shading and Highlighting Basics - talks about base coats, mixing colors, shading, and highlighting
Part 5 - Enhancing Different Surfaces - talks about drybrushing, washing, using artist inks, and combining the two techniques
Part 6 - Painting Skin Tones - talks about skin tone colors, a how to guide using the the techniques of part 4 and part 5, and then variations using different colors
Part 7 - Painting Faces - talks about how to shade and highlight faces, painting eyes, and how to frame the face to make it stand out - probably still the best guide I've seen in print or online
Part 8 - Finishing Touches - talks about final assembly of components (such as shields), basic basing, and varnishing