Thursday, July 27, 2000

Games-Workshop's Gui Le Gros

This figure is the equivalent of the musician of my Bretonnian Archers. Who are we really kidding - it's Friar Tuck from Robin Hood! The scan really doesn't show well due to the huge difference in contrasts between dark and light. This one always gets rave reviews from others when they visit. The pinstriping was the biggest challenge. Completed in July of 2000.

Painting Instructions for Gui Le Gros:

Step 1: Undercoat models with white primer
Step 2: Use Bronzed Flesh on face and hands
Step 3: Use Chaos Black on helmet, beer mugs and do eyes (along with Skull White)
Step 4: Use Bleached Bone on the leather hood
Step 5: Use Bestial Brown on cloak and pants and ropes - also on barrel
Step 6: Use Scorched Brown on shoes and arrow gaurd on arm
Step 7: Use Bubonic Brown on bow, arrows, and money pouch
Step 8: Drybrush Bubonic Brown on ropes
Step 9: Use watered down Scorched Brown to shade the robe
Step 10: Highlight Snakebite Leather on robe with just a bit of Bubonic Brown
Step 11: Highlight Bestial Brown on arrow bag with a bit of Snakebite Leather followed by Bubonic Brown
Step 12: Drybrush Flesh Wash on face, hands, barrel, and bow
Step 13: Shade hood with Vomit Brown
Step 14: Highlight hood with Skull White
Step 15: Use Bleached Bone to create trim around robe
Step 16: Use Bestial Brown to create trim around hood
Step 17: Use Bestial Brown to highlight shoes
Step 18: Use Snakebite Leather to highlight pants
Step 19: Use Burnished Gold on tips of bow - then go over with Flesh Wash
Step 20: Drybrush Chainmail on mugs, helmet, arrows, and barrel
Step 21: Use Goblin Green on base
Step 22: Use watered down glue on base, then dip into fine ballast
Step 23: Use drybrushed Camo Green onto fine ballast

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