Monday, September 03, 2012

Reaper's Ghost - 77007

I love Reaper's new Bones line of miniatures - essentially the same figures as their Legends and Warlord line but cast in a new plastic resin (end result is a miniature that's very similar to the Wizards D&D line of figures - the plastic is soft and somewhat bendable).  The first miniature I painted was the ghost - it is a Julie Guthrie sculpt and used in three of Reaper's lines - it's a $1.99 in Bones, $4.29 in Legendary Encounters (pre-painted 20017), and $5.99 in the metal Warlord (14148).  All the same figure but at different price point - Bones gives you a $4 savings over the same metal figure in the Warlord line!

I based mine with a $0.50 plastic base from Fortress Figures (see earlier blog posting on plastic bases from Fortress Figures).  Added a bit of drywall compound to fill in the base and then tossed in some tiny rocks and lichen.

I used Reaper Master Series Clouded Sea as the base color right from the bottle.  It took directly onto the plastic without any prior prep/primer (as advertised).  A note about Bones, there is a small amount of mold line - I tried all sorts of methods from files to knife and there's really no getting it off - the plastic is too soft and squishy for it to be effective - these are designed to paint and play - not as your next masterpiece - and I'm ok with that!

I then added Skull White to the mix and drybrushed the ghost - I kept at it - adding more white - then another drybrush layer until I was happy with the result.  Some Chaos Black for the tombstone with a drybrush of Fortress Grey.  The whole thing from start to finish took me a couple of hours.

During each painted layer (and when finished) I bounced the miniature on the desk; off the desk and onto the floor, and gave it a couple severe beatings.  To my surprise not a scratch or a dent - the soft plastic just absorbs and the paint stays stuck on.  Never-the-less I gave the miniature a quick shot of dull coat when I was finished - if nothing else it's just to dull off the shine of the paint.

I'm quite pleased with the new bones line - an awesome price savings over the metal - the detail looks very close to it's metal counterpart and certainly won't be noticeable on the gaming table.  The flexibility to grab a handful of these and throw them down on the gaming table without damaging the mini or the paint job is remarkable - add in the cost savings and you get to have your cake and eat it too!

I named this one Ghost Ralor - the Warlord figure is named Railor - but I was running out of room and therefore took out the I in the name so I could fit it all on.