Friday, September 01, 2017

Reaper Miniatures Hydra - 77191

Excuse the quality of the pics - this is a good size "miniature" from Reaper and the camera had major difficulties providing a macro focus on a figure this large.  I've put a single knight up against the Hydra for scale in the last two pictures.  This Hydra has five heads and towers over everything on the board.  I painted this one up over the past weekend as Hurricane Harvey was dumping rain everywhere canceling all outdoor events and forcing me to sit down and paint.  I needed a hydra in my upcoming D&D campaign, so this figure was bumped to the top of the list.

I originally was going to go with more of an alligator/crocodile paint scheme - which would have a more yellowish/creme underbody and a complete green body.  However, the more I thought about it I wanted a fantasy look and therefore I choose the purple on the scales.  For the underbody, I then moved to more of an orange based coloring with neutral tones for highlighting.

This was pretty much a straight up drybrush event starting with Imperial Purple to Tentacle Pink; Scaly Green to Vile Green mixed with Rottting Flesh; and Fiery Orange to Dwarf Flesh mixed with Bleached Bone.

Kickstarter paint total: 54 + 1 Hydra = 55 (should count as 5 - one for each head)

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Reaper Miniature's Stone Lurker - 2658

This is a fantastic model sculpted by Bob Olley called a Stone Lurker - aka Roper in D&D terminology.  What's really interesting is that a Yochlol has a description that fits almost exactly the same description as a Roper - with the only difference being a Yochlol technically doesn't have a mouth in that form.

I recently ran the Twilight Tomb - 3rd level module which had a Yochlol with 2 levels of sorcerer.  A Yochlol can move between a humanoid form, large spider form, it's natural form (looks like a Roper but with 8 tentacles), and a gaseous form.  Started the encounter in human form, then moved to large spider form, then put down this model as the final boss battle form.  I used the spider bite (without poison) as well as its 8 tentacles in its natural form and the encounter worked out well for a group of five 4th level characters and fits the imagination of the model better.

Painting instructions for Stone Lurker:

Step 1: Undercoat model with black primer (back to metal so I used the spray primer)
Step 2: Used Liche Purple on the tops of the tentacles
Step 3: Used Tentacle Pink on the bottoms of the tentacles
Step 4: Drybrushed Warlock Purple on the tops of the tentacles
Step 5: Washed the bottoms of the tentacles with Warlock Purple
Step 6: Highlighted just a bit where needed the suckers with Tentacle Pink mixed with just a bit of Skull White
Step 7: Used Red Gore as a basecoat on the main structure of the model and watered down a bit to extend the Red Gore onto the tentacles
Step 8: Used Blood Red on the main structure and a bit less on the tentacles
Step 9: Used Blazing Orange on the main structure and a bit less on the tentacles
Step 10: Used Golden Yellow on the main structure and a bit less on the tentacles
Step 11: Used Sunburst Yellow on the main structure and a bit less on the tentacles
Step 12: Used mix of Sunburst Yellow and Skull White on main structure for final highlights
Step 13: Used mix of Sunburst Yellow and Skull White as a drybrush on the teeth and eye
Step 14: Used Liche Purple for eye
Step 15:  Drybrush Codex Grey on base
Step 16: Drybrush Fortress Grey on base
Step 17: Drybrush Skull White on base
Step 18: Use Chaos Black on sides of base

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Chainmail Skeletal Dwarf - WOC 88460



The two skeletal dwarfs were for the Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail miniatures game produced by Wizards of the Coast circa 2002.  I purchased a bunch of Chainmail figs on the discount rack several years ago and during the July 4th holiday, I had an opportunity to pull a box out (had the two figs) and slap some paint around.  

Friday, January 06, 2017

Reaper Miniature's Angels of Sorrow - 77362

These were a quick paint job as I need a couple of statues for my upcoming D&D session.  I picked these two up in a single package from my local gaming store Wonkos.

Just to give them a bit of character, I mounted these onto a couple of wooden spools.  Then a quick paint job of Codex Grey followed by a drybrush of Shadow Grey followed by a final drybrush of Skull White.  Next a bit of Scorpion Green was watered down and drizzled on here and there for some aging (although that didn't come out in the pictures very well - but it's definitely noticeable on the table).

While these were the Bones figures, they weren't part of the kickstarter pile.

In honor of opening night of Underworld Blood Wars, the vampire looking statue is named Selene.  And yes, the latest release of Underworld kicked some ass!  It definitely brought the franchise back as Awakening was a bit of a let down.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Reaper Miniature's Undertaker - 77143

This miniature is from the bones pile - it's the individual model from the Reaper Miniatures set 2845 Townsfolk VI: Gravedigger and Henchman by Bobby Jackson.  While the metal set will set you back $14, the bones figure is $2.50.

Reaper doesn't give the townsfolk models interesting names - just Undertaker in this case.  Therefore I had a little bit of WWE fun - the "Undertaker' there is a performer by the name of Calaway - so, for the models name I shortened it down to Calwy the Undertaker - a bit of humor on my part.

The only proper coat to give this guy is a black coat and black is a difficult color to paint as a main theme as you can't really shade or highlight black.  So what I did here was to use various shades of gray and then wash the entire model with black to give it the effect of a black coat.

Painting instructions for Undertaker:

Step 1: Undercoat model with black paint
Step 2: Use Bronzed Flesh on face
Step 3: Use Regal Blue on sash across the neckline
Step 4: Use Snakebite Leather on the bags, gloves, and shoes
Step 5: Use Graveyard Earth on shirt/undergarments
Step 6: Use Shadow Grey on coat/hat
Step 7: Use Space Wolf Grey to highlight coat/hat
Step 8: Use Bestial Brown on shovel shaft
Step 9: Use Gunmetal on shovel and shoulder pads
Step 10: Liberally washed the entire model with a black wash
Step 11: Drybrush Codex Grey on base
Step 12: Drybrush Fortress Grey on base
Step 13: Drybrush Skull White on base
Step 14: Use Chaos Black on sides of base

Oh - and that's back to the bones pile for the first time since last January 2015 - it's been a long 2 years since working the Kickstarter pile!  Been using my paint time to play D&D and the move to Texas was a bit time consuming as well.  Here's hoping to find a few spare hours here and there throughout the 2017 year to paint more bones - Happy New Year's Ya'll!!

Kickstarter paint total: 53 + 1 Undertaker = 54