Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Dragon Hatchling Black - 77273

This one was a bugger to try and photograph - while small, it's long and wide at the same time and I used both a digital camera with macro settings as well as my mobile phone which is an LG-V30 with a decent camera - neither were able to quite capture the miniature appropriately - oh well - it looks cool and it will be great fun for a low-level party of adventurers.  Quite happy with the pit of acid from which it's emerging - just don't tell Aeofel.

This is the second of the four hatchling dragons which came in one of the bones kickstarters.  The green dragon hatchling was done back in November.  I have the red and the blue sitting on my desk all primered up.  So look for those hopefully sometime soon.

Painting instructions for Dragon Hatchling Black...

Step 1: Undercoat model with Stynylrez green primer (this is awesome on bones)
Step 2: Use Solid Black on dragon scales and wings
Step 3: Drybrush Solid Blue on dragon scales and wings
Step 4: Use Solid Blue on dragon underbody from head to tail
Step 5: Use Military Gray to pick out underbody highlights, horn, and talons
Step 6: Use Snow Shadow to pick out underbody, horn, and talons final highlights,
Step 7: Stiple Snow Shadow on top of wings
Step 8: Use Field Grey on base
Step 9: Use Meadow Green on base
Step 10: Use Retro Emerald on base
Step 11: Use Pale Safron sparingly on base
Step 12: Add a bit of Solid White to the Retro Emerald and give tips a bit of final highlight.
Step 13: Wash with a very watered down Retro Emerald

Kickstarter paint total: 100 + 1 White Dragon = 101

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