Saturday, January 27, 2001

Ral Partha's Archers of Lanis

Crucible was the new fantasy tabletop game developed by Ral Partha. At the time of the painting contest conclusion it is unknown as to the status of Ral Partha and the Crucible game - very sad indeed. I finished these two figures at the end of January of 2001.

These scans are a bit different than the others I've done previously. Upon recommendation from others I have placed a box over the figure instead of a cloth. This helps eliminate the shadows. However I used the WarHammer box lid and probably need to find something that isn't so deep as the scans are a bit dark.

I'm very happy with the figures themselves. I probably should have put a darker wash into the arrow shafts. Favorite part is the stud detail - took a long time and a steady hand.

Painting Instructions for Archers of Lanis

Step 1: Use Bronzed Flesh on skin
Step 2: Use Blood Red on all leather and garments
Step 3: Use Snakebite Leather on leather armor, hair, and eye socket
Step 4: Use Scorched Brown on leather boots and belt
Step 4: Use Chaos Black on metal
Step 5: Use Vomit Brown on bow
Step 6: Use Bubonic Brown on quiver
Step 7: Use a watered down Flesh Wash over everything
Step 8: Drybrush Boltgun Metal on metal
Step 9: Shadow Bestial Brown on leather
Step 10: Shadow Red Gore on garments
Step 11: Highlight/drybrush Bleached Bone on bow
Step 12: Use Bleached Bone on eyes
Step 13: Highlight skin with Bronzed Flesh then highlight that with Elf Flesh
Step 14: Highlight leather with Bubonic Brown
Step 15: Highlight garment with Blazing Orange
Step 16: Highlight boots and belt with Bestial Brown
Step 17: Drybrush Snakebite Leather on boots and belt
Step 18: Use Codex Grey on braids
Step 19: Watered down Chaos Black into braid
Step 20: Drybrush Fortress Grey on braids

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