Saturday, November 02, 2013

Reaper's Rats - 77016

Well rats!  Just like the kobolds - I'll apologize for the pictures up front - I took about two dozen and just haven't figured out how to get the best lighting and macro pictures for a group this size.  Above are the best 2 picks of the bunch and hopefully between the two you get the idea.

Updated picture 11/08/2013 - much clearer...

The Reaper Kickstarter came with a dozen rats - four each of three different poses - I based them up each a bit different to hopefully look like there's a bit more variety.  You can currently order a set of bones for $3.49 and you'll get six.  The pre-painted Legendary Encounters comes in a pack of three - so six will run you $11.98.  The original metals are in the Legends line and there's actually a fourth sculpt in the package (with the rat's head down on the ground) - the price of the package of four is $6.99 - or about $10.50 if extrapolating out to six minis for comparison.

I also based these and the kobolds on the smaller Games Workshop Warhammer bases - they're about the right size for this sort of model - I thought about putting them on a one inch base and the miniature gets lost in the basing.

Talking about bases... a shout out to all the Creative Memories scrapbookers out there - two years ago I started putting names on the miniature base.  On my first miniatures the names were put on painstakingly with paint and a really tiny brush - then, with all those kobolds last month, I stole my wife's Creative Memories fine tip pen and that worked well (much, much easier than paint) - last week I happened to be at a craft store and thought it would be nice to give my wife back her pen; so I picked up a Marvy Le Pen fine tip and the ink bled when spraying the matte varnish - guess my wife isn't getting her Creative Memories pen back (sorry honey).

Painting these was a straight forward endeavor - grey, brown, white - wash - drybrush - done.  12 rats to devour a first level party of adventurers - I can see it now - you hear scratching and squeaking coming from a crack in the wall - roll for intiative...

round 1 - three rats
round 2 - three rats (expected)
round 3 - three more rats (unexpected)
round 4 - just in case the party didn't get enough - 3 more rats

Should be able to get at least one dead party member out of that encounter.  Who needs encounter tables - every good DM should take the opportunity to use every miniature in the box :-)

2 skels + 12 kobolds + 12 rats = 26!

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