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48 Orcs in 28 Days - a blog site by Bighara originally put together to track his progress on painting 48 orcs in a month - he's since gone on to showcase his other painting and terrain modeling.

Alexi-Z (Natalya Melnick) - master painter - has her own painting video - paints for Dark Age Miniatures. Arguably one of the best active miniature painters on the planet.

Artwho9 Figure Painting (Mark Dixon) - master painter - has a wonderful gallery of painted miniatures by just about every miniature manufacturer out there. Paints with great clean lines, awesome colors, with warm colors and contrasting brights - great stuff and well worth wondering through the galleries.

BelMiniArt - a nice quality painter for ebay - surprisingly gets a lot of detail for miniatures to be sold on ebay - has a nice gallery including Reaper, Darksword, Games Workshop, and more.

Blackmoor (Angela Imrie) - master painter - goes by SaxonAngel on CoolMiniOrNot - website was active up until 2007 - has grouped miniatures by brand - now does a couple of postings on CMON a year.

Blackwarden - a great paint blog with ramblings, and musings of a hobbyist/gamer. I really enjoy reading his blog and so much relates to exactly how I am from organizing my hobby room, tons of miniatures (figmentia), minis in all various states, miniature and role playing games/supplements/books, etc. Maybe I'll need to make a visit to the Florida keys.

Blue Moon Miniatures - husband and wife team Mike & Andrea Carrero - better than the average painter - use a high contrast style, bold colors, without a lot of (or any) blending - good looking on the tabletop - does a lot of different brands of miniatures and commissions - good source for painting schemes - however, website is a bit slow. Also has a youtube video page and posts quite regularly.

Blue Table Painting - painting service company based out of Utah - has a great website with lots of picture galleries - mainly into painting warhammer fantasy and 40k armies - also hosts a blog regarding latest painted figures, battle reports, and the occasional political rant.

Carmen's Fun Painty Time - high quality painting by a hobbyist into everything miniature - besides D&D fantasy there are other genre's - ghostbuster characters, cavemen, gladiators, samuri, swashbucklers, old west, pulp fiction (including a group of black/white painted), and even ship building! All sorts of model sizes as well up to 54mm. I really like two specific posts - first is a clever display of showing the step by step process of painting an empire spearman - second is a historical display of the core classes in D&D - very cool!

Chaos Child Painting - master painter - website of Adrian Walters - past member of the GW 'Eavy Metal team - has a beautiful gallery sorted by miniature range - his 54mm historical work is outstanding.

Chest of Colors - a forum/gallery for a handful of miniature painters - anything done by Ana in her gallery is just masterful - the other galleries have some very nice eye candy as well - they've also put together a nice painters dictionary that describes the various terminology and techniques used in miniature painting.

Crooked Eye Studios (Zach and Todd) - master painters - just beautiful stuff - outstanding really - almost exclusively Games Workshop material and most of their work has won golden demons.

Curdled Milk (Mike Pierce) - a blog of miniatures and techniques as well as a gallery.

DakkaDakka Gallery - a collection of various painted Games Workshop miniatures - from beginner to tabletop to master level. Rating system like CMON and good search engine.

Darkstar's Mini Blog (Sean Sullivan) - master painter - just started his blog in July of 2011 with a series of Warhammer Quest and Talisman figures that are just outstanding - out of this world - the blends are beautiful, the colors are rich and deep, freehand work is amazing - a real treat! Hopefully Sean keeps it going and gives us some more detailed examples and work in process pics.

Dave Taylor Miniatures - mad master painter - Dave was a long time member of Games Workshop and his armies, customizations, and painting was just mad - outrageously mad - while no longer with GW, he does continue to paint lots of GW material as well as historical miniatures.

Destroyer Minis (Marike Reimer) - master painter - paints for Crocodile Games, Freebooter Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, and Darksword Miniatures - her work at Darksword is absolutely amazing where she's done quite a number of the George R.R. Martin Masterworks series - the Cersei Lannister page is amazing as it has Marike one-upping Jen Haley and Matt Verzani - scroll through from the bottom to the top - they each keep re-painting the figure and Verzani's see through dress, Haley's brilliant freehand, and then Reimer's lacy work is utterly amazing - three of the best putting forth tremendous effort. Also is work done by Sue Wachowski and Anne Foerster - what a great page to view all the masters painting the same figure - some more than once.

Diminitive Denizens - good painter with a well thought out website - each miniature has the model number, manufacture and their line, year it was painted, and sometimes a reference link to the same miniature painted by another painter. Additionally there's a bit of a story to each miniature, why he picked it, painted it that way, how he painted it, and paints used. Also has a blog site that is updated more frequently with work in process but also has lots of game related material.

DMan's Lair (Dustin Wagster) - great painter - paints in bright colors with high contrasting highlights to really make the paint jobs pop.  Has also posted quite a number of his painted Reaper models on Reaper's website (do a search on Dustin Wagster).

DNDLead (Ernst) - outstanding site - an attempt at the historical archiving and painting of every miniature published under the Dungeons and Dragons banner - a must visit!

Doctor Faust's - well respected painting website with lots of how to's as well as tutorials which go step by step through a specific model - recently has moved from written tutorials to using youtube for on-line videos. The Ward section has numerous painted models sorted by manufacturer.

Dominic (VIC and VIP) - Dominic started the VIC (Visions in Color) and VIP (Visions in Painting) challenges whereby the concept was that the mini-painting community would all paint the same figure and he would post the different results.  It worked well as a concept during the first several years of the 2000's, but I think the minipainting group on Yahoo just got too big.  Dominic updates his new website infrequently, but does have links to the old website with all the VIC and VIP stuff.

Exiles Wargames (James Brewerton) - great blog started in 2010 - pumps out a heck of a lot of wargaming armies - great sense of overall color schemes to his armies.

Fantasy Miniatures (Holger Schmidt) - master painter - paints for a number of German miniature company - hasn't updated website since 2008 - however, website has a nice gallery section with breakdowns by category or by date - also has a nice tutorial on how to paint a dark elf rider.

FellShadow Studio (Liliana Troy) - master painter - paints for Reaper Miniatures - not sure what happened to her website for FellShadows Studios so I'm leaving the link in hope that it comes back up - she does have a couple of pics on her personal website.

Figmentia Blog - a blogger website with some interesting posts - mostly in the 40k range - his daughter was born in 2010 - haha, should be interesting to see what happens to his hobby time - I know all too well what happens with newborns in the house - no sleep, and no hobby time!

Fortified City of Karoath (Brett DeWald) - better than the average painter, Brett has a number of first, second, and thirds at GW's Game's Day Baltimore competition - most of the work completed by Brett was done through 2005 - nice gallery of posts.

Guild of Harmony - master painters - a couple of Australian guys who sculpt their own line of minis and have put up some fantastic paintjobs - just marvelous stuff!  Their gallery postings are in high resolution - great for drooling over and using as a guide.

Hacklopedia - a website dedicated to the Hackmaster game with a gallery of painted figures - also has a nice display of shadow boxes.

Headbutz Hovel - average painter learning the trade - both fantasy and historicals.

Hot Lead (Laszlo Jakusovszky) - master painter - Laszlo was truly one of the first miniature painters to take painting to an entirely new level - truly a veteran - most famous for interpretation of the fire element within his painting, his other work nevertheless is equally inspiring - also has a DVD painting tutorial.

Iron Halo - master painter - lots of galleries sorted by manufacture - would be nice to see a time table of her miniatures as some of her miniatures are good and others are fantastic (which shows a range of improvement to the point of winning golden demons).

Jenova Project - better than the average painter - great gallery of miniatures and several nice tutorials on the basics of painting.

Jeremie Bonamant Teboul - master painter - outstanding painter and a beginning sculptor - Jeremie also does painting classes - he did a visit to the Washington DC area a few years back that I unfortunately missed as I was in the middle of my time away from the paints.  Most of the newer miniatures painted on his site have step by step directions and he's painted the same figure in various different schemes - a great way to learn about how different colors change the model.  Be sure to check out his painting - oldies section - he pokes some fun at his older work but he's been really really good for a long long time.

Jesterspeed Studios (Robert Cruse) - good looking minis - this appears to be an older website circa mid-2000's - unfortunately some of the top links don't work, but the bottom links are well worth reviewing - great work, good colors, smooth blends - wish we could see his full line of work - lots of Reaper Miniatures - some Games Workshop - couple other brands as well.

Joe Videki - I think Joe has more paints, more work in progress, and more unpainted minis than anyone else on the planet.

JRN-Works (Jakob Rune Nielsen) - master painter - spent time on the GW 'Eavy Metal team - fantastic website with his desktopshot of the week showing his various works in progress - gallery has all of his award winners as well as his other minis- paints mostly GW figures.  Many good tutorials as well.

Jubilant Creations (Alison Scheirman) - above average painter and part time painter for Dark Sword Miniatures - does a nice job and it's great to look through her website and see her painting develop.

Kaple Miniatures (Rune Kappel) - master painter - outstanding work - has produced a miniature painting CD that's well worth looking at - also has a link to his earlier website from 2004-5 which has lots of great galleries and tutorials as well.

Kat's Korner - good painter specializing in dragons, lizards, and wolfen - I find dragons difficult to paint as they are obviously large and therefore a lot of surface area to paint which equates to a long time - Kat's painted 32 dragons at last count! She's also done some nice work on lizardmen and does a bit of her own sculpting to add details to the model as well as the base.

Kevin Dallimore Special Forces - master painter - personal website of Kevin Dallimore who heads up Foundry's paint team - wrote two books for Foundry - Painting and Modelling Guide as well as Master Class. Website has all the models pictured from the book - great site for those wanting to review the Foundry method of painting.

Kevin's Miniatures & Hobby Table (Kevin Barrett) - a blog of on-going miniature painting - historical, fantasy, and sci-fi. Kevin was a co-creator of the MageKnight gaming system (also on wikipedia) and now has the envious position of working for BioWare video game company and does a great job with the paints in his free time. Always something interesting coming off of Kevin's table.

Kings Miniatures (Dave BeDerken) - good enough painter whose focus is on collecting "classic" miniatures from the 80's - particularly the Citadel line of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures.

Lost in the Warp (James K. Craig) - master painter - blog site for the Canadian painter with a lot of experience - works mostly with GW models and armies.

MamaGeek Minis (Joy Schoenberger) - great looking site - she has a matrix set of links to view her gallery by year, manufacture, or genre. I love seeing the history/progression of Joy's painting from her early 2008 models to her most recent. She has put in a lot of time and developed impressively in just a few years - awesome and well worth the time to visit her site! MamaGeek also takes on commissions.

McGhiever - tabletop painter - nice website with tons of miniatures (mostly Reaper) for various RPG games - goes back several years - can see quite a bit of progress from first miniatures to latest - just wish the painter placed some dates - can go through the rpg section and get an idea of timeline.

Meg's Miniatures - master painter - talented - does a lot of Reaper miniatures - the gallery is a bit difficult to work through but well worth the effort.

Midnight Lurker (Jen Kaufman) - master painter - cool website with some good miniatures on display - her blends are smooth and meticulous - the work done on her summer 2010 female wild elf is freaking fantastic - also has some nice tips and tutorials - particularly on how to make a water diorama as a base.

Mini Painting Guild (Glyn Evans) - better than the average painter - there's lots of painted miniatures in the galleries - neat to see his progression as a painter from his early years to today (although last updated in 2009) - somewhere along the way (look like about 2004) he started to sign a stylized name of zaphod on the base of the miniatures in what looks like a tattered scroll - then gave that up for a sylized Z and the year - then on his latest he used the tattered scroll affect for putting the miniature name on the front - I really like that idea and need to give it a try

Miniature Art (Bobby Wong) - Bobby, Bobby, where are thou??  When I first started picking up the paint brushes Bobby Wong was the master - outdoing the GW 'Eavy Metal team and putting together freakishly awesome displays of miniature painting - now it's all pretty common stuff - but back then it was marvelous work - site hasn't been updated in several years.

Miniature Gallery (Dirk Stiller) - above average painter who has done some great stuff - particularly his dragons are masterfully good - recently has moved up to 54mm and busts - website categorized by brand.

Miniature Realm (Stephanie Sasaki) - another blogger site with some good work - likes to paint Reaper miniatures.

Miniature Side of Me - good painter with a blog site, a sense of humor, and lots and lots of Warhammer 40k miniatures and army lists.

MiniatureSpace (Jason Richards) - master painter - website shows his golden demon winning work as well as a few other pieces he's done - website is in a bit of a flux as of late 2010.

MiniCreatures (Anne Cooper) - master painter - also has a blogger website where she's posted her miniatures since 2008 - the work done in 2008/2009 is better than the average painter - her 2010 work is starting to break into the master painter category - her brighter pieces are outstanding - paints a number of Reaper, Wargods, and DarkSword miniatures. Updated in July 2011 - I'm now putting Anne into the master painter category - it's really cool to see a progression over the past three years of Anne's work - she's obviously put in a lot of time (something I'm sure we'd all like to do) and her work speaks for itself - well done Anne!

MiniWar Gaming - store with painting - while not a painter, there are numerous painted miniatures and content - the website is a bit "busy" and a bit difficult to maneuver through.

Mused and Abused (John Bonnot) - almost a master - freelances for Reaper and has spent a lot of time with Anne and company at Reaper. Has a great looking website that uses a top scrolling picture carousel to find the miniature.

Necromancer Tales - master painter - most of his work was done in the mid-2000's - not much since - some very nice tutorials and of course, lots of painted figures in the galleries.

Noel Meyer - master painter - beautiful work - website is a breeze to maneuver and categorized by miniature manufacturer.

Paint Minion (Sue Wachowski) - master painter - dabbled in a website in 2008 but hasn't put much up since. Paints for Dark Sword Miniatures, Thunderbolt Mountain, and Reaper Miniatures.

Paintrix (Jen Haley) - master painter - paints for Dark Sword Miniatures and Freebooter Miniatures - her work on the George R.R. Martin line Red Witch as a ghostly figure is simply amazing.

Peoples Champ Wargaming Blog - a gamer blog site which is used to display the miniatures painted for various gaming systems - many of the smaller miniature games are played by Craig and he has a nice assortment of figures from those gaming systems.

Philip Esterle - master painter - paints with very clean lines - precise - awesome work - great gallery on website to review. Paints mostly Reaper with some Freebooter, Rackham and Dark Sword thrown in - particularly fond of Werner Klocke sculpts.

Pigmented Miniatures (Eric Brindza) - better than the average painter - has a nice gallery broken down by manufacturing line - looks to not have been updated since 2008 - all of his newer 2010 stuff is in a link called workbench which looks to be updated much more frequently at various stages of painting.

Phoenix Miniatures - outstanding painter - was active at the end of 2004, throughout 2005, and the beginning of 2006. The miniatures are wonderfully painted - smooth blends - extreme highlights - all metal is done in the NMM - he gets great facial expressions out of his painting - some really nice freehand work on shields, capes, robes, etc. All Games Workshop miniatures. Found his latest website - says under construction, but if you go to the galleries section there are all of his miniatures sorted by manufacture and range. Also can be found on CMON under the name of phoenix.

Purple Wyrm - new, up and coming painter with a nice gallery of pictures.

Rogcollectibles - veteran painter with a nice gallery of pictures displayed by manufacturer - paints for MegaMinis.

RuneLords Minis - above average painter with a nice website of galleries sorted by manufacturer - haven't seen much new since 2008.

Slapping Paint - good painter that did most of his work during the mid 2000's - has some of his friends pics in the gallery including a golden demon winning entry - not much going on, but good for reference - has a couple of nice tutorials.

Solis Media - an old (2000 and prior) website with a nice high contrast style of miniature painting - also has a number of tutorials on some old school painting techniques - has done a great job on the early Citadel and Julie Guthrie fantasy range.

Southern Fried Miniatures (Patrick Mark Hopper) - a good painter who is continuing to learn the trade - like the blog postings as they show progression in his painting style.

Steve Dean Painting - above average painter - paints with nice clean lines, good contrast, simple schemes, and great earth-tone colors  - has an awesome gallery that's like a time machine with bunches (hundreds upon hundreds) of classic miniatures painted very nicely - only wish some of the pics were of higher resolution - superb stage by stage demonstration on the right side of website called Squakthro.  I'd love to spend a day at Steve's house and go through his minis and learn more on his style of painting.

Still Life Miniatures - a blog/gallery mixed site - nice work - variety of different types - fantasy, sci-fi, historical in both 28mm and 54mm sizes.

Studio McVey - master painter - galleries from Ali & Mike McVey as well as limited edition miniatures they have commissioned - Mike was one of the original master painters that took miniature painting to an entirely new level while working for Games Workshop - I think his most famous miniatures (all located in his gallery) are the Warhammer Quest diorama, Lustria diorama, and that amazing Green Knight that every miniature painter attempts to copy in some way. After GW, Mike went on to work under the Dungeons and Dragons banner - his painting tutorials there are classic - Mike was also responsible for the color schemes and miniatures of the first wave of pre-painted plastics.

Studio McVey Blog - master painter - Mike McVey's blog of current projects that are happening under the Studio McVey label with his wife Ali.

Tiny Warriors Blog - a good hobbyist blogsite that's fun to follow and see what he's working on next - everything from Reaper RPG figures to GW Warhammer and 40k - does some nice work.

Windy City Miniatures - master painters - a husband and wife team that paints outrageously beautiful miniatures - their website is categorized by brand - Reaper, Warhammer, Rackham as well as Freebooter, Ilyad, Infinity and War Crow - very nice - great eye candy.

Witchhunter - outstanding painter - has produced an amazing quantity of work at a very high quality - website is a pleasure to peruse with tons of pictures of his various completed work - also, check out his workbench archive which shows his workbench in various states - a great setup and one I'd like to emulate someday.  He has an absolute massive quantity of lead - painted and unpainted on display.

Verzani Miniatures (Matt Verzani) - master painter - house painter for Dark Sword Miniatures as well as Freebooter Miniatures - great style - most of his work utilizes the darker colors - dark purples, greys, browns - its very easy to pick out the Verzani painted miniatures on Dark Swords website.

Victoria Lamb - master painter - beautifully painted miniatures - often credited as being one of the first, if not the inspiration for painting lighting effects within a miniature/diorama - now called object source lighting. I remember seeing her diorama as the Slayer Sword winner in White Dwarf and did my own object source lighting of a thief holding a torch back in May of 2002.

WarPaint Studio - a website showcasing the painting service of David Gulczynski. I'm quite impressed with David's work - some nice galleries to look through. Uses some unusual and unique color groupings in his painting - but they all work - his blues are fantastic. Also has the largest Mithril miniatures (original Tolkien inspired miniatures) gallery I've seen.

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