Sunday, June 09, 2019

Wizkids Carrion Crawler - WZK73535

More WizKids officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons miniatures - this one comes from their Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line.  Again, being officially licensed, the sculpt jumps straight from the pages of the monster manual.

Painting instructions for Carrion Crawler (used my Vallejo Game Color)...

Step 1: No need to primer - already done
Step 2: Use Cayman Green on the front belly
Step 3: Use Dead Flesh on the backside
Step 4: Use Gory Red on head and legs
Step 5: Use Blood Red as highlight on head and legs
Step 6: Mix Rotting Flesh with Cayman Green for highlights on the front belly
Step 7: Add more Rotting Flesh to the mix for final highlights on the front belly
Step 8: Water down mix and use to shade indentions on the backside
Step 9: Mix Pale Flesh with Rotting Flesh to add highlights on backside
Step 10: Use Black on base, rock and eyeballs
Step 11: Drybrush Cold Grey on rock
Step 12: Drybrush Stonewall Grey on rock
Step 13: Drybrush Dead White on rock

Again, would be nice to know the sculpto Wizkids.

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