Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Reaper's Catherine O'Mannon - 2344

First, I started off with a basic color scheme according to the color wheel (and kept to it). Then, we have another painting experiment - instead of going through the pre-selected paint pots for shade and highlight - I started at the darkest color and kept adding white to the mix until I was happy. This had an affect of keeping the original color as the dominant tone.

Painting Instructions for Reaper Miniature's Catherine O'Mannon:
Step 01: Undercoat model with white primer
Step 02: Use Chaos Black to outline all joints
Step 03: Use Bronzed Flesh on face
Step 04: Use Warlock Purple on scarf
Step 05: Use Tentacle Pink on dress
Step 06: Use Liche Purple on girdle thingy
Step 07: Use Dark Angels Green on bird
Step 08: Use Dark Flesh on glove hand and hair
Step 09: Use watered down Flesh Wash on face
Step 10: Use Bronzed Flesh on face
Step 11: Use Elf Flesh on face
Step 12: Use Pallid Flesh on face
Step 13: Use 2/3 Warlock Purple to 1/3 Skull White on scarf
Step 14: Use 1/2 Warlock Purple to 1/2 Skull White on scarf
Step 15: Use 1/3 Warlock Purple to 2/3 Skull White on scarf
Step 16: Use 2/3 Tentacle Pink to 1/3 Skull White on dress
Step 17: Use 1/2 Tentacle Pink to 1/2 Skull white on dress
Step 18: Use 1/3 Tentacle Pink to 2/3 Skull White on dress
Step 19: Use Skull White on dress
Step 20: Use Liche Purple with traces of Skull White on girdle thingy - repeat
Step 21: Drybrush Snot Green on bird
Step 22: Drybrush Scorpion Green on bird
Step 23: Drybrush Bilious Green on bird (add a bit of Skull White and repeat)
Step 24: Drybrush Vermin Brown on hair
Step 25: Drybrush Leprous Brown on hair
Step 26: Used Scorched Brown staff
Step 27: Use Goblin Green on base
Step 28: Drybrush Camo Green on base

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