Saturday, September 13, 2003

Reaper's Kneeling Assassin - 2519

Kneeling Assassin is another gaming figure for my local rpg group. In this case I wanted to portray an assassin crouched hidden in the corner ready to spring his trap. When I scanned the image, I couldn't determine if the traditional black background or a lighter background brings out the detail better so I posted both. Enjoy.

Painting Instructions for Reaper Miniature's Kneeling Assassin:
Step 01: Undercoat model with Chaos Black primer
Step 02: Drybrush mix of 7:3 mix of Chaos Black to Codex Grey
Step 03: Use mix of 1:1 of Chaos Black to Codex Grey to base highlight
Step 04: Use mix of 1:2 of Chaos Black to Codex Grey to highlight
Step 05: Use 1:1 Fortress Grey to mix and highlight
Step 06: Use Fortress Grey for final highlight
Step 07: Use watered down Black Ink
Step 08: Use Bronzed Flesh on skin
Step 09: Use Flesh Wash on skin
Step 10: Use Bronzed Flesh on skin to highlight
Step 11: Use 1:1 mix of Elf Flesh to Bronzed Flesh on skin for highlight
Step 12: Use Boltgun Metal on sword
Step 13: Use Chainmail on sword to highlight
Step 14: Use Bleached Bone on skull pin
Step 15: Use Chestnut Ink on skull pin
Step 16: Use Bleached Bone on skull pin to highlight
Step 17: Drybrush Codex Grey on base
Step 18: Drybrush Fortress Grey on base
Step 19: Drybrush Skull White on base

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