Saturday, October 05, 2013

Reaper's Kobold Raiders - 2470

I purchased the Kobold Raiders quite awhile back and they've been sitting on my "too be painted" shelf - a dozen other brothers in the Kickstarter has me blowing the dust off this set.  I really dig the these little guys and they're the first miniatures I've painted sculpted by Ben Siens.  I actually have quite a few of his sculpts sitting around and look forward to getting them painted (there were quite a number of his in the Kickstarter) - he sculpts a lot of classic monsters for Reaper - lizardmen, bugbears, trolls, golems, goblins, ghouls, and ghasts.

I pulled these down because the Kickstarter included 12 kobolds based off of three of his sculpts (4 of each).  With the four standard sized kobolds and the mighty kobold, I can put 17 of those little guys on the board.  There's also another four pack (Reaper 3064) with some different poses and a leader & sorcerer pack (Reaper 3024) - might need to get my hands on those and I'll have a proper grouping to complete a nice entry level dungeon scenario.

Here's a good opportunity to make a quick note on the metal versus bones pvc in regards to detail.  On the standard size and especially the larger size monsters, the bones pvc product does a great job of presenting detail that's certainly acceptable for tabletop gaming.  I have a number of duplicates of medium and large sizes where I had the metal version and the same figure was part of the bones Kickstarter - they're really quite comparable.  As the figure size decreases, and these kobolds are small, you can really see the difference in the detail - the metal versions of these kobolds are much sharper than the bones pvc counterparts.

In my case I don't care about the differences - when painted up and looked at on the gaming table the players aren't going to notice which are pvc and which are metal.  They're just going to say !*&^%$ when I drop 17 kobolds on their first level ass and run for the hills.

However, if you're going to spend 50 hours on that award winning paint job - start off using a metal mini.

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