Monday, July 16, 2001

Games-Workshop's Warrior

The warrior was an interesting project. There's a lot I like about him and there's a bit I'm not satisfied with. The mouth in particular - should have done something to darken the expression but I struggled with it a couple of times and gave up. The body tones, blending the blues and reds, the drybrushing all came out rather well. Finished in July of 2001.

Painting Instructions for Warhammer Quest Warrior

Step 1: Undercoat model with White Primer
Step 2: Use Bronzed Flesh on skin
Step 3: Use Scorched Brown on boot and bear skin
Step 4: Use Blood Red on inside of bear skin
Step 5: Use Snakebite Leather on hair - water down a bit
Step 6: Use Enchanted Blue on loincloth and cuffs
Step 7: Use Chaos Black on all metal bits and bear claws
Step 8: Drybrush Chainmail on all metal bits
Step 9: Highlight drybrush Mithril Silver on sword
Step 10: Wash sword with Enchanted Blue
Step 11: Use Vomit Brown on bear claws
Step 12: Highlight bear claws with Bleached Bone
Step 13: Use Bleached Bone on teeth
Step 14: Drybrush Blood Red on skulls
Step 15: Drybrush bear fur with Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather, Bubonic Brown, and Bleached Bone
Step 16: Blend inside bear skin from Scab Red to Blood Red
Step 17: Use Bubonic Brown on boot knife
Step 18: Highlight hair with Leprous Brown
Step 19: Use Vermin Brown on fur of boot
Step 20: Drybrush Leprous Brown on fur of boot
Step 21: Drybrush mix of Leprous Brown and Bleached Bone on fur of boot
Step 22: Highlight boot using Bestial Brown to Bubonic Brown
Step 23: Blend blue areas from Enchanted Blue to Lightning Blue with Ice Blue Highlights
Step 24: Blend Vermin Brown, Bronzed Flesh, and Elf Flesh on skin
Step 25: Use Chaos Black on base
Step 26: Drybrush base with Shadow Grey to Ghostly Grey

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