Friday, December 14, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Cavern Worm - 2521

Another magnificent sculpt by Jason Wiebe - this is an awesome metal model - feels great in the hand and was a blast to paint.  I'm so looking forward to dropping this one in a campaign on my adventurers.  An interesting D&D point... other than the gargantuan purple worm, there surprisingly has not been a cave worm or any sort of worm in the large size as an official monster that I could find in any edition.  There's a purple wormling in 5th edition as part of the Storm Kings Thunder, so I'll use that as a foundation.

I picked this model up during the 2017 Reapercon in the open metal bin.  It had a damaged horn on one of the sides, but hey, when you're burrowing through the earth things like that happen :-)

I painted this one over the past few months - I have a number of models which are the "garbage" models - when I'm painting something else and have leftover paint, I apply it to this "garbage" model. 

I used Reaper's MSP HD paints - the belly was Mustard Yellow with a number of brown ink washes - the sides were in Maroon Red with a mix with Candlelight Yellow for highlights - the scales on top were painted with Twilight Purple and then highlighted by mixing in Artic Grey - and the flap below the mouth was based in Bright Turquoise and again highlight by mixing in Artic Grey.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Dain Deepaxe - 77074

Back to the bones pile.  Needed a dwarf fighter/cleric with a lot of weapons for a character in a current campaign and this one fit the bill perfectly.  I love the models that have all the exploration and adventuring bits.  This model has backpack, sleeping bag, warhammer, sword, shield, helmet and even a good dwarven mug - he has it all going on!

The shield bit was a fun bit of role playing - as he takes damage there is a color that appears on the shield representing that damage type and in the future he receives resistance - so that's why the funky colors on the shield.  He took cold (light blue), fire (red), acid (green), and radiant damage (yellow) in the game sessions.

This is a bones model out of the kickstarter pile - so up goes the count...

Kickstarter paint total: 119 + 1 Dwarf = 120

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Halloween Tree - 3692

I found this awesome figure at the local hobby store about a week before Halloween.  It's a metal model which is awesome and I added a base and a few items to give it some character.  I then painted it on the night of Halloween!

Unfortunately I didn't pay too much attention to the pots of paint I was grabbing.  I used Reaper's paints on this one and I think exclusively out of the MSP HD line.  I think the main bits were:

  • The pumpkins were based in Umber Brown and then painted up using Burning Orange and Fireball Orange.  
  • The tree itself was just a lot of brushwork starting with Charred Brown, Umber Brown, Golden Brown, Desert Tan, Tusk Ivory, and Maiden Flesh.
  • Bucket was Rusty Red over a brown base.
  • Owl was Golden Brown and Griffon Tan.
  • The base was Dirty Grey with blotches of Field Grey, Mossy Green, and just a little bit of Candlelight Yellow.

This is another Jason Wiebe sculpt and there's something about his models that just sing to me and make me want to get the paints out.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wizkids Owlbear - WZK73349

Another fantastic Wizkids mini in their Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line.  I happened to find this Owlbear in stock (which at this point is difficult) at my local gaming store this past week and had to paint this right away.  I just love the sculpts, love the price, love the pre-primered, and that they're directly licensed material straight off the pages of the Wizards D&D books.

Painting instructions for Owlbear (used my Vallejo Game Color)...

Step 1: Use Sombre Grey on the entire model
Step 2: Wash entire model with watered down Sepia Ink (about 50/50 ink to water)
Step 3: Drybrush model with Sombre Grey
Step 4: Drybrush model with Wolf Grey
Step 5: Drybrush model with Ghostly Grey
Step 6: Use Leather Brown on face
Step 7: Use Orange Fire on beak
Step 8: Use a mix of Orange Fire with a bit of Leather Brown as shadow on beak
Step 9: Highlight ring of feathers on face with Ghostly Grey
Step 10: Use Black on eyes, claws and base
Step 11: Use Ghostly Grey to draw a line in eyes
Step 12: Use Rotting Flesh to highlight claws
Step 13: Drybrush Cold Grey on base
Step 14: Drybrush Stonewall Grey on base

As noted in previous posts, Wizkids should publish sculptor.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Troll - 89041

This is a great looking troll model sculpted by Jason Wiebe and cast in bones.  The original is a metal model within the Pathfinder line.  I love the Resident Evil style mouth and the figure has great movement sculpted into the pose.

The model was painted a bit at a time so I don't recall exactly my steps.  I believe I used Sick Green as a base coat.  Then covered that with Goblin Green.  Then a mix of Goblin Green and I think Escorpena Green for highlights and I might have added a bit of Sun Yellow for final highlights.  Then washed that all back down with a heavily diluted Sick Green.  The belly I used the Goblin Green with Bonewhite and after a few layers added just a bit of Sun Yellow.  The warty lumps on the model I first hit with Hexed Lichen and then put a dab of Sun Yellow on top.  The lump of hair on the back was based coated with Terracotta and then drybrushed with a bit of Vermin Brown and then just a dab of Bonewhite to the mix for a light drybrush final highlight.  Teeth and claws started with Desert Yellow with Bonewhite highlights - the teeth received a final highlight of Dead White.

Kickstarter paint total: 118 + 1 Troll = 119

Friday, October 05, 2018

More Reaper Miniatures Burrowing Horror - 77372

Finally finished up another project which has been sitting on my desk for five months.  I had five of these bones models of the Reaper Burrowing Horror and I needed to complete one of them for a gaming session I had coming up.  I posted the pic and instructions back in May.  I finally finished the other four tonight using the same set of instructions.

Kickstarter paint total: 114 + 4 Burrowing Horrors = 118

Saturday, September 29, 2018

WizKids Xorn - WZK73350

I just can't say enough good things about the WizKids line of new plastic miniatures.  They're packaged with a double plastic shell that keeps the figure safe during distribution, they're molded in a harder plastic that retains metal like qualities, and they come pre-primed with Vallejo primer.  All that for $5 retail for two medium creatures and you can typically get them at a slight discount (Miniature Market typically has a 10% discount and sells them for $4.49).  This is from their Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures line -

Painting instructions for Xorn (used my Vallejo Game Color)...

Step 1: Use Charred Brown on dirt/rocks base
Step 2: Use 50/50 mix of Charred Brown and Beasty Brown on dirt/rocks base
Step 3: Use Beasty Brown as highlight on dirt/rocks base
Step 4: Use Gory Red on body
Step 5: Use Squid Pink on mouth
Step 6: Use Ghost Grey on teeth
Step 7: Use Black on claws
Step 8: Use watered down Bloody Red as a wash on mouth
Step 9: Use Bloody Red to highlight the individual bumps on body
Step 10: Use Midnight Blue as highlights on claws
Step 11: Use Dead White as highlight on teeth
Step 12: Use Moon Yellow on eyes
Step 13: Use 50/50 mix of Dead White and Moon Yellow to highlight top of eyes
Step 14: Use Black to draw "eyeball" line on eyes

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith - 07005

This is another fantastic sculpt by Bob Ridolfi and part of a special edition line of metal models Reaper is putting out called Dungeon Dwellers.  They're supposed to be an "old school" look of models that they give out for free when you purchase $40 or more from the Reaper online store - this was the May 2018 freebie.  However, I was able to pick it up at my local hobby store!

The sculpt is beautiful, it's crisp metal, and it comes with a unique round slotta-base that Reaper hasn't used before.  My only gripe is that the base is about an 1-1/4" or 30mm wide which makes it just a bit awkward when using on a 1" square game mat for your favorite role-playing game.

I tried to do something new as a technique which I've never done before but have heard others rave about how great and easy it is - that is using both a black primer and a white primer.  The idea is to first primer in black.  After that has dried, the model is hit from the top with white primer as the light of the sun.  The idea being that now the highlight and the shading are complete.  Next step is to water down the paint to almost a wash so it's translucent and paint a few layers on.  The black and white should show through the translucency of the color and the model is complete!

I gave that a try.... black primer, white primer, and then a couple layers of watered down / translucent Goblin Green.  I did add a bit of Black to darken up the shades.  Then added a bit of Bonewhite to do some edge highlighting.

It's certainly a fast technique for getting models painted.  The con is that spray paint, in general, is a dithering technique of tiny little dots of paint.  This dithering shows through when you look close.  So while it looks great when placed an arm's length on the table, up close it's certainly not going to win you any awards.  I'd use this technique again if I was painting an army of undead where I'm going to use only one shade of color and handfuls of models to paint within a limited amount of time.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Reaper Miniatures Updated Picture for Ankheg - 77230

I wasn't quite happy with the Ankheg pics - the larger models I use my mobile phone for the picture and it has a tendency to oversaturate the colors on the model.  I placed them on a black mousepad and retook the picture from further away using zoom and a bit more indirect natural lighting.  I think this picture is a better representation.  Can't wait to use them in a game!

Reaper Miniatures Ankheg - 77230

I had some fun today painting up a squad of Ankhegs.  These were from the Bones line by Reaper and again I can't say enough good things on the value of this mini in Bones.  For $3.99 versus $13.79 for the metal version, you can build an entire squad at a reasonable cost - $16 versus $52 is some significant savings!

I painted these using the same technique with the difference being the undercarriage of the beast.  I wanted to give each one something different for some flavor - one set is purple, one green, one blue, and the other brown.  I also based these on Reaper's round bases that came with one of the Kickstarters.

The Ankheg was sculpted by Kevin Williams and I'm starting to get a liking for what he's done - recently I painted the four small dragons - red, green, blue, black and the two flower pods (death star lillies) as well as the fly demon.

Painting instructions for Ankheg (I went back to my Vallejo Game Colors)...

Step 1: Undercoat model with Charred Brown - gave entire model and base solid coat
Step 2: Drybrush Gory Red
Step 3: Drybrush Bloody Red
Step 4: Drybrush Orange Fire
Step 5: Drybrush Sunburst Yellow
Step 6: Use Black on claws
Step 7: Use Night Blue as highlights on claws
Step 8: Use Night Blue, Magic Blue, Electric Blue on undercarriage
Step 8: Use Scurvy Green, Jade Green, Foul Green on undercarriage
Step 8: Use Beasty Brown, Leather Brown, Plague Brown on undercarriage
Step 8: Use Royal Purple, Warlord Purple, Squid Pink on undercarriage
Step 9: Drybrush Earth on base
Step 10: Drybrush Khaki on base
Step 11: Drybrush Desert Yellow on base
Step 12: Drybrush Bonewhite on base

Kickstarter paint total: 110 + 4 Ankhegs = 114