Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Games-Workshop's Bretonnian Archer Command Group

The Bretonnian Archer Command Group was my first exposure to drybrushing, using flesh wash on the skin for face shading, creation of the standard, and an attempt at eyeballs. Completed in February of 2000.

Painting Instructions for Command Group:

Step 1: Undercoat model with white primer
Step 2: Use Elf Flesh on face and hands
Step 3: Use Blood Red on leather armor
Step 4: Use Enchanted Blue on under-garments
Step 5: Use Bestial Brown on knife handle
Step 6: Use heavily watered down Bestial Brown on hands and face
Step 7: Use Chaos Black on shoes, belt, bindings, sword, and helmet
Step 8: Use Chainmail on sword, helmet, and bits like end of belt, etc.
Step 9: Use Flesh Wash on banner pole
Step 10: Use Goblin Green on base
Step 11: Use watered down glue on base, then dip into fine ballast
Step 12: Use drybrushed Camo Green onto fine ballast
Step 13: Create banner using heavy white construction paper and paint prior to cutout using Enchanted Blue, Skull White, and Blood Red
Step 14: Glue banner around pole to create battle standard

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