Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goodman Games Pointy-Hatted Wizard - GMG6010

Sometimes it's just difficult.

That was the theme of this miniature - which is really a shame - this was a nice Jason Wiebe sculpted (I do like his stuff) classic wizard produced for Goodman Games and their Dungeon Crawl Classics line of miniatures (which ties back to some of their D&D modules).

I try not to do the classic blue wizard - for whatever reason I've tried to stay away from that cliche. I have a yellow/red and a green robed wizard.

So I thought that I would go with Brown - starting with Scorched Brown and to keep adding Rotting Flesh for the whole model. I did - and it looked like a chocolate Hershey bar left out by the Easter bunny. Therefore I painted a different color robe, than another color, and another - a little of this and a little of that.

Basically it ended up being a salvage project. Even taking a picture of the model ended up being a disaster for some reason - it just wouldn't take - so what's above is the best I could get and provide some realistic coloring.

Updated 2010-12-31: playing around with digital macro settings and gimp software:

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bighara said...

I like it. I'm a tabletop RPG painter, so I like minis with believable color schemes and somewhat muted tones. I tend to skip a lot of highlighting, etc. Partially out of a desire to have a "realistic" look and partially out of laziness. :-)