Monday, March 07, 2011

Reaper's Hell Hounds - 2522

I'll put up some more pictures over time of each individual hound.

These hell hounds came together in a two blister pack from Reaper Miniatures. They had been sitting on my shelf for a long time and about a month ago while I was painting my daughter came into the hobby room and asked what she could paint. It had been several years since the last time she painted a model - so I was quite surprised. I grabbed these two models off the shelf and I asked her to paint these - I figured it was mostly a layer of brown with a few layers of drybrushing.

She asked me about the fire coming from neck and I showed her Laszlo's excellent painting fire tutorial on a miniature - gave her a brief explanation on Laszlo's white to red and not red to white.

She proceeded to paint like mad that afternoon - finished one, and most of the second. A few weeks passed and she told me that I should finish the remainder. So I did the last little bit on the second, touched them both up, added a wash of Ogryn Flesh to the fur and Devlan Mud to base.

Overall I'd say she did amazingly well and now I have two well painted fiery hounds to add to the completed shelf!