Sunday, January 04, 2015

Reaper Miniature's Dust Devil - 65072

First miniature painted in 2015!  Excuse the quality of the pictures as this is a tall miniature with a lot of depth due to the four arms with swords.  It was very difficult to get a clear field of focus for the macro photography on this model - and non-macro mode was even worse.

Good getting back to the heavy metal and this is indeed the "heavy" metal as it's from Reaper Miniature's P-65 line that was their brief return to using a lead based alloy.  Prior to Bones, Reaper was looking for a way to reduce the price of miniatures as tin was skyrocketing in price (while the P-65 line is no longer available, Reaper still has their P-65 explanation on the web).  These are great metal models at a reasonable price that are quickly becoming very hard to find.  Luckily I still have a few more I'll be painting.

Great looking model sculpted by Jason Wiebe and I'm looking forward to using this figure on the gaming table.  I kept thinking of that scene from the movie, "The Mummy" where the sand monster forms out of the sand storm.

I sprayed an undercoat of black primer and then used Scorched Brown as my base.  Next was a layer of Graveyard Earth that was about 90% coverage - all but the deepest recessions.  From there I dragged out the drybrush and started with Desert Yellow building layer after layer - first adding Bleached Bone to the mix and then Skull White.

Watered down Sepia ink was added to put depth back in the model - I probably should have watered it down a bit more as the ink toned the model down more than desired.  Starting from a 50/50 mix of Desert Yellow and Skull White I redid the highlights.

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