Miniature Gaming

Miniature Gaming Companies

Dark Sword Miniatures - beautiful miniatures based upon the artwork of great master fantasy artists such as Elmore, Parkinson, Caldwell, and Easley as well as a line of miniatures based upon George R.R. Martin's books.

Dragon Forge Design - not really a gaming company, but a sculptor who specializes in bases - I haven't used any myself - but they look cool and I'm definitely thinking about picking some up - website is a bunch of eye candy for those that want to do it themselves and have some creative examples.

Freebooter Miniatures - Werner Klocke's own miniature line - based out of Germany - great looking miniatures and the on-line catalog has every miniature painted as a great reference / eye candy.

Games-Workshop (Citadel) - home to Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.

Heresy Miniatures - multi part fantasy miniatures - nice sculpts - easy to customize

Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha Classics) - all the classics.

Turnkey Miniatures - used to be Mega Miniatures - another "classics" company - they have a number of the old Grenadier molds, have cleaned them up, and re-produce a ton of great looking minis in the true 25mm range.

OtherWorld Miniatures - modern sculpts of classic figures inspired by the original drawings from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - including pig faced orcs!

RAFM Miniatures and Games - more classics.

Reaper Miniatures - the best miniatures for the tabletop - especially the Dark Heaven Legends line - WarLord line is nice but tends to be a bit pricey - the new Pathfinder miniatures to go with Paizo's game are absolutely stunning in their detail.
* Miniature Giant - exclusively sells Reaper products at a huge discount
* The War Store - Reaper miniatures and a whole lot more
* Fantization Miniatures - Reaper miniatures and a whole lot more

Secret Weapon Miniatures - manufacturer of resin bases and accessories - these are really cool bases - they have different themes for armies as well as special display bases for presentation that let you take the mini off for play. They also have a blog site.

Miniature Gaming Archives

Not really a miniature gaming company - but a link to the past - the Lost Minis Wiki

An attempt to archive every miniature is the Stuff of Legends.

Indy attempt at creating their own miniature database.

All 875 plastic pre-painted miniatures from WOTC archived at Vesivus.