Friday, December 10, 2010

Townsfolk IV Treasure - 2677B

This is the sacks of treasure from the Townsfolk IV - 2677B from Reaper. I placed this on an old Ral Partha metal monster base. Added a shield I had lying around in the bits box. Added a sword from the Reaper accessories pack. Then added a large battle axe from some bits I won off of ebay years ago. Threw them all together onto the base - added some mud to the base and pockmarked that to look like piles of gold from the Dragon's hoard.

I originally started off painting some of the bags a brown leather, but they ended up blending into the surrounding piles of gold too much. So I used Vallejo's Terracotta and moved up to GW's Red Gore and Blood red on the big bag and some blues on the third. I also played around with some old colored metallics I had from the Reaper Pro Paints line - a Green Steel on the axe, Blue Steel on the sword, and Red Metallic on the shield - added GW's Chainmail to the mix for highlights.

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