Monday, January 05, 2015

Reaper Miniature's Arrius, Skeletal Warrior - 77158

Back to the Bones.  This model is Bones 77158 which sells for $2.49 and is a duplicate of the metal version 2766 Arrius the Black, Skeletal Champion from the DHL line retailing for $6.99 - sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.

Once again, about 90% of the detail in a Bones miniature at about a third of the cost of metal.  For these Bones lines of figures I'm trying to find the right blend of time and detail and still have a good looking figure for the gaming table.  On the last skeletal knight - the Ghost King - I simply laid a foundation and then used an ink wash to give a semblance of highlights and shadows.

It was suggested to provide a bit of highlighting prior to the wash to give the figure more interest.  While blending 10 layers is overly time consuming for the utilization, I figured a quick contrasting highlight would do the trick.

Therefore, this figure uses the exact same paint scheme and steps as the Ghost King - however, I did add a quick layer of highlights between each step.  On the cape I used Blood Red over Scab Red, on the skull I used Bleached Bone over the Vomit Brown, on the front drapery I used Kommando Khaki over Graveyard Earth and on the stump I used Bestial Brown over Scorched Brown.  Finally, I washed the model multiple times with Devlan Mud deepening the shadows and toning down the overall figure.  I hit the head skull again with a drybrush of Bleached Bone to brighten that up as the "face" becomes a center point of attention.

All in a night's (knights) worth of effort.

Kickstarter paint total: 52 + 1 Arrius, Skeletal Warrior = 53

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