Saturday, November 16, 2002

Reaper's Samantha of the Blade - 2047

Samantha of the Blade was an older Reaper figure that I had sitting around (still have one more) from an initial purchase I made two years ago for the first female chick challenge. This one was for this years chick challenge. Not bad, had lots of difficulties with the eyes and face on this figure.

Painting Instructions for Samantha of the Blade

Step 1: Undercoat model with White Primer
Step 2: Use Black Ink on all metal bits
Step 3: Use Dark Angels Green on legs and arms
Step 4: Use Scorched Brown on leather bits
Step 5: Use Scab Red on hair
Step 6: Use Dark Flesh on face
Step 7: Wet dry-brush Boltgun Metal on chain-mail, armor, and sword
Step 8: Wet dry-brush Tin Bitz onto decorated armor and crown
Step 9: Wet dry-brush Shining Gold onto decorated armor and crown
Step 10: Wet dry-brush Burnished Gold onto decorated armor and crown
Step 11: Use watered down Storm Blue on sword
Step 12: Use watered down Dark Green Ink on chainmail
Step 13: Highlight sword with Chainmail
Step 14: Wet dry-brush chainmail with Chainmail
Step 15: Highlight chainmail and sword with Mithril Silver
Step 16: Use Chestnut Ink on hair
Step 17: Use Snot Green on clothing
Step 18: Use mix of Snot Green and Scorpion Green for first highlights on clothing
Step 19: Keep blending up to pure Scorpion Green for final highlights on clothing
Step 20: Drybrush Blood Red on hair
Step 21: Highlight hair with Blazing Orange
Step 22: Use Bestial Brown on leather bits
Step 23: Use Snakebite leather on leather bits for first highlights
Step 24: Use Bubonic Brown on leather bits for second highlights
Step 25: Use mix of Bleached Bone and Bubonic Brown on leather bits for final highlights
Step 26: Use watered down Chestnut Ink as wash on boots
Step 27: Use Vomit Brown on tops of boots
Step 28: Use mix of Vomit Brown and Bleached Bone to highlight tops of boots
Step 29: Continue adding Bleached Bone and repeat for highlights on tops of boots
Step 30: Use Bronzed Flesh on face
Step 31: Blend up highlights on face mxing Elf Flesh into Bronzed Flesh
Step 32: Add final highlights by putting Pallid Flesh into mix
Step 33: Use Chaos Black on base
Step 34: Use Chaos Black on rocks
Step 35: Drybrush rocks with Shadow Grey
Step 36: Drybrush rocks with Space Wolves Grey
Step 37: Drybrush Camo Green on grass
Step 38: Mix some Skull White into Camo Green on grass and highlight

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