Monday, February 13, 2012

Reaper's Skel W/2 Hand Swds Army Pack - 5009

Saturday night I had some time and ambition to put together the remainder of the 2 handed skeleton army pack. This was based on Reaper's skeleton 2129 and the pack contained 5 models. According to Reaper Miniature's website they no longer produce an army pack under the 5009 model number and I couldn't find this particular model in any other current army pack sold by Reaper today. What's interesting is that Reaper's website credits Ed Pugh as the sculpture for the single 2129 model but the tag on blister pack says by J. Allen.

As a unit, they came out rather well. They're all the same figure, I twisted the head a bit and mounted the model in the base differently for each one to give them some semblance of uniqueness - yet a unified whole.

The paint scheme obviously was the same as the first posted and therefore I won't post the instructions again - see Reaper Miniatures Skeleton 2129 post for step by step instructions.

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Joy Schoenberger said...

Looks great, Rick! Nice work!

You should post this up on the Reaper boards. The Reaper folks read them regularly, and could probably explain the sculptor discrepancy for you.