Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Father and Daughter Paint Session

Presenting Reaper's 2679 Mushroom Men...

Just like with the hounds, Elizabeth declared she wanted to paint something. So I found the 2 item Mushroom Men pack from Reaper Miniatures. Instead of doing both figures like the hounds, she did the little figure and asked me to do the bigger figure. The paint scheme was her idea!

Another Jason Wiebe sculpted miniature figure - I do like his stuff.

I'll post up pictures of the larger of the two tomorrow when I get a bit more time as well as the step by step directions. So stop by again a little later tomorrow night.

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Joy Schoenberger said...

What a terrific idea! And a nice paint scheme she chose, too, not to mention the paint job, which is also very good. Well done, Miss Anderson!