Thursday, July 18, 2019

Reaper Miniatures Skara, Female Skoli - 77488

I needed a quick model to resemble the moon elf major npc of the Princes of the Apocalypse - Aerisi Kalinoth and this Reaper Bones model is as close to description/pictures in the book.  She carries a magic spear Windvane.  The only part missing is a set of wings.  If I dig around I might have an extra set and I'll tack those on later if I do.

Painting instructions for Stone Lurker (used my Reaper paints except base and metal which were Vallejo)...

Step 1: I'm using Stynylrez primer on the bones models - just slop it on and cover everything - it works great!
Step 2: Use Clouded Sea on skin
Step 3: Use mix of Clouded Sea and Creamy Ivory for highlights on skin
Step 4: Use Pure Black on hair and potion bottle
Step 5: Use Midnight Blue as highlights on hair and armor
Step 6: Use Midnight Blue on all armor
Step 7: Use Twilight Blue as highlights on armor
Step 8: Use Show Shadow on the long skirt
Step 9: Use Chainmail Silver mixed with watered down Midnight Blue on sword and spear
Step 10: Use Chainmail Silver for sword and spear highlights
Step 11: Use Black on base and rock
Step 12: Drybrush Cold Grey on rock
Step 13: Drybrush Stonewall Grey on rock
Step 14: Drybrush Dead White on rock

Kickstarter paint total: 126 + 1 Skoli = 127

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