Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reaper's Goblins - 77024

The first 4 of 12 goblins that came with the Reapers Bones Kickstarter.  These are the mace goblins - I have the spear goblins and bow goblins (4 each) about half way done.  The actual 77024 comes with a total of 6 - 2 each of mace, spear, and bow.

Kickstarter paint total - 31 + 4 club goblins = 35


Bighara said...

Very nice! Are the names from something or just "Goblin-y" arrangements of letters?

Rick Anderson said...

I just did a google of goblin names and I found several goblin name generators - I picked names from there that I liked. I recall that in my early D&D days there was a book of names, but now the internet is good for that sort of need.