Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goblins Webcomic...

This weekend I prepped up a dozen goblins from the first Reaper Kickstarter and I jumped on the net for a bit of inspiration.  The Reaper goblins are quite a bit taller than the third edition D&D miniatures put out by Wizards and they have this great elongated face that reminds me of the Green Goblin from the Spiderman comic books and shows.  I did find a fantastic paintjob by a guy called Crowmire located on the Warseer website (see post 11).  I'm going to stick with a more traditional D&D color of a dark red / burnt orange / pale yellow - so look forward to that in a later post.

However... the point of this posting, in my search for goblin color schemes I came across a webcomic called Goblins located at www.goblinscomic.org which I must say is an excellent read.  If you haven't come across this before then start at the beginning of the Goblins story.  I wasn't much into comic books as a kid, but this webcomic puts me back in early high school around 1983/84 - there was a series of what was unique 8-1/2x11 full color comic books called Elfquest (boy would I still like to have my original copies of those books - along with my blue box D&D set, my first edition AD&D hardcovers, and my box of little metal/lead men and monsters).

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Bighara said...

Tarol is a genius (and a pretty cool guy to boot). His strip is amazingly detailed and the story is quite compelling. The early strips are more simple gags, but don't be fooled, it gets intense.