Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Reaper Bones are Here

Wow!  Can't believe it's been since September 2012 that I last posted - time flies when you're having fun and coaching an 18u fastpitch softball team.

I haven't been not painting - I've actually painted a couple of models in 2013 - one was a Reaper Bones model and the other an old Games Workshop model.  They're sitting on my desk waiting for picture taking.  I've also been re-basing/tweaking some really old models that I wanted to update and I'm just about done with those.  Additionally I've been basing lots and lots of models - one of my goals this year was to take small limited opportunities to unpackage and base my entire line of Reaper Dark Heaven Legends - which for the most part I've done.

The big news is.... I received my Reaper Bones!  I ordered the Vampire level Kickstarter campaign as well as all the additional options.  Hundreds and hundreds of miniatures came in a 14.5 pound box about 10 months after the Kickstarter.  The wait was well worth it and here is what I received (there is an old Larry Leadhead cartoon about living as long as you have miniatures to paint - I've definitely broken the century mark with this purchase)...


Here is what they look like after opening and laying out on the table - there are four significant pieces I didn't lay out because they are huge - three dragons and Cthulu "miniatures" - they're absolutely huge.

So there it is in all of it's glory - now to start painting during what remains of 2013!


JM said...

What kind of white primer do you use? Looks good.

Rick Anderson said...

JM - it's a new product by Reaper Miniatures called Bones - why Bones? - because they're made out of white PVC material. No primer necessary!

JM said...

Hmm. I'll have to pick some up. Gotta get back into this hobby.