Sunday, March 11, 2012

All Boys Love Planes - Twin Mustang F-82

Now for something different - a Monogram Twin Mustang F-82G kit 85-5257 - 1:72 scale model airplane.

At some point in time I've purchased a couple of different model planes for Matthew. We built a Navy Corsair F4U a few years ago and hung that up in his room. So this weekend the Twin Mustang F-82G came out of the box. There were two options - one was an aluminum skinned plane which last saw service in Alaska or the all weather version (essentially a night and bad weather fighter used during the Korean War). I really liked the pitch black and red trim - plus the local hobby shop was out of aluminum spray so black and red was chosen!

Here's the finished product on the hobby table. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good with putting on decals. I'm sure there's an artform to it, but to me it looks like a piece of tape with writing on it.

All little boys need planes hanging from their ceiling - so out came the step ladder, some twine, and a thumbtack. He now has the two planes hanging side by side.

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