Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reaper's Unknown, Rogue (2677D)

Here's the deal. Originally, the pack was going to have the scimitar
wielding mini. But, the figure was replaced with a more "Bandit-y"
feel to it (the Pirate-y looking bandit was converted to the one with
hood and short sword).

I just replaced the photo online with the correct shot. And I looked
in our mold department - all 02677 D molds only have the "correct"
model (short sword).

** Please help in identifying this Reaper miniature - note that the dagger in the left hand was added by me **

Hmmmm... what to say about this miniature - first off it was a test bed for putting a name on the miniature - see below post - I added a scroll style on the front as the "official" name badge.

Then it was a test for some new Vallejo Game Color paints in the brown family which I picked up from Leesburg Hobbies. The matching colors were to GW's scorched brown, bestial brown, and bubonic brown to replace my dried up GW paint pots.

It started off alright as I primered in black. Then used a watered down scorched brown - the opacity was nice with the Vallejo and the results can be seen in the below post regarding the nameplates.

Next I used the bestial brown and I was rather disappointed with the coverage - it wasn't doing what I needed and required multiple layers - more effort than what I was wanting to give or expecting to have to do. I was hoping for more of a coverage experience that I was having with the scorched brown.

Building up to the next layer was bubonic brown and here's where I became really unhappy. If I watered down the paint, the opacity of the paint moved to the edges of the brush and I wasn't getting any coverage with the actual brush stroke - it looked like I was painting railroad tracks. I know it wasn't the brush as I'm painting with Windsor & Newton Series 7 - probably the finest line of brushes for miniature painting. Not watering down the paint is of course too thick and not a real option.

After battling with that for awhile I moved up and added a bit of Vallejo skull white to the mix and walla - beautiful brushstrokes - don't get it - but by that point in time I was overally frusturated - dabbed on some highlights and called it a day.


bighara said...

Are you sure that's a Reaper? I went through a few searches and didn't see that one anywhere.

Also, FWIW the VGC browns requires a LOT of shaking before applying. Otherwise they are very watery.

bighara said...

Well, the guys at the Reaper forums came through. That's a conversion from the fella on the right int he Brigands Townsfolk Pack (IV) #2677

The knife and the hood are add-ons.

Rick Anderson said...

Interesting comments - I went through my proof of purchases (I have a ton of these - hopefully they'll be worth cashing in someday) and I do indeed have 2584 Townsfolk II, 2655 Townsfolk III, and 2677 Townsfolk IV which I've opened up the blister for prep. I found all the models in the picture excluding 2. In my Townsolk IV blister I had 2519 kneeling assassin and this version of the rogue which has the sword in hand instead of a cutlass and a hoodie - as mentioned, I put the knife in the other hand. So the mystery continues.